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Confused Travolta Clicker EXTREME Confused Travolta Clicker EXTREME

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

I absolutely hate the confused Travolta meme and don't understand the appeal of it at all. Most of the time when there's a new meme that explodes in popularity I can usually at least somewhat understand the appeal of it at first and understand why some people might find it funny, but not when the confused Travolta meme at all.

With that said, this is a good twist on what I find to be a super annoying and unfunny meme. It actually makes it bearable, if only because it doesn't at all rely on the usual 'humor' behind the meme. (I find reaction gifs in general pretty annoying)

I think the controls can be a little bit weird at times. It seems like on the first level that the smaller items require more clicks than the larger items to get when it seems like it'd be the opposite. Maybe it's my own fault, maybe I'm not clicking on it properly, but it definitely seemed to be that way.

My only real complaint is that the level of difficulty is weird. The first level seems to be the 2nd hardest, the second level is by far the easiest, the third level is the hardest, and level four is super easy. Level five is obviously not meant to have any difficult so I'm not counting that.

It's a decently fun twist on something that I'd otherwise find fairly annoying and would try to avoid. I enjoyed the few minutes that it took to beat and I got a decent amount of medal points while doing it, which is always a plus.

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Hellfall Hellfall

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Not a bad game.

The game has a pretty interesting environment. The music and art style adds to that quite nicely.

The difficult level seems pretty good, although it can be a little bit frustrating because it some times seems like there's almost no way to win without upgrading due to the fact that you're too slow to move before you hit an obstacle.

The library is a really nice touch. It's completely unnecessary, which makes it even better.

Overall it's not bad. My only complaint is that it does get a bit boring, and rather quickly. Besides that it's a decently made game. The art, music, etc isn't bad at all.

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UpUp UpUp

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

A very mediocre game.

It reminds me of quite a few games, most of which have a bit more variety than this. Doodle Jump, for instance, has power ups which greatly increases the fun of the game.

The art could be better. The art style is fine, albeit a tad boring. But the "enemies" are just floating hexagons. I initially didn't think they were enemies but instead a type of collectible coin, as these type of games often have.

The thing that annoyed me the most is that after every time I lost it went back to the pre-loader. It really breaks the flow of the game. It may not seem like much but in a game where you're losing quite frequently having to click twice (first the play button, then the retry button) quickly becomes very annoying to do.

The leaderboard seems to be glitched as well. It lists my highscore as 15,242, when the highest I got was around 1,200~, right after the floating hexagons turned purple. Considering that, the leaderboard is basically pointless. I'm assuming that it *usually* reports the correct score, but occasionally it's completely wrong.

In its current form it leaves a lot to be desired. It's buggy and quite boring. It's a fairly simple game concept with not much to it to make it interesting or enjoyable to play. If what I listed were added/fixed then it'd make it slightly better, but honestly not all that much. I think it'd need a complete overhaul for it to warrant anything above a 3.5/5. Maybe with more context about the game (e.g. you're new to programming and it's a programming project) I'd be willing to give it a higher score but without it my score is 2.5/5. It's quite mediocre.

Titans Tower Titans Tower

Rated 4 / 5 stars

I assuming this is flappy bird inspired as there are several similarities between this and flappy bird. As far as flappy bird 'clones' go I think this is quite good. Apologies if it's *not* a flappy bird clone, but there are definitely a few striking similarities. Changing the game from being horizontal to being vertical seems to make the game a lot more difficult. I honestly struggled to get more than 1 point each run. It's actually maybe a little too difficult, at least at first. I think it should ease into there being 2 balconies parallel to each other rather than it starting that way at the very beginning.

My only real complaint is the Google Play button. If you happen to have your cursor hovering over where it would be and clicking around the time you lose then it opens it in a new tab. I accidentally did that quite a few times.

Oh yeah, and the art is pretty nice, so bonus points for that.

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HeinzFourie responds:

Yes this is a flappy bird and timberman inspired game :-) As a fan and developer I had the urge to create something similar, simple and hard. Thank you for pointing out, yes the android button I've also notice to be a problem, the game was designed platform specific "android" and thus converted to HTML5 for web which led the poor placement of the link, will have it repositioned on the next update. Much appreciation

Flappy Economics Flappy Economics

Rated 2 / 5 stars

I think this should have been play tested a bit more before being submitted. The first problem I noticed is that if you click as soon as you start then you hit the top and immediately lose. Then I decided to go to the upgrade menu and I just put everything into flying strength to see what would happen... and now the game is unplayable. Which wouldn't be so bad if you could remove the points from flying strength after you've put them into it but, despite there being a minus button next to it, you can't. The only way to fix this is to close the game and click the "reset" button on the first page, which I think is quite poor design for various reasons. The first of which is I don't think you should have to close the game just to get there, everything should be accessible from any point. Why isn't there a main menu button? And the second reason is, that shouldn't be the only way to fix the game once you've broken it by putting too many points into jump strength.

If you fixed those problems then I think the game would be acceptable, but in it's current state I think it's unacceptable. The problems it has currently are fairly annoying problems that aren't at all difficult to solve. With those few things solved I'd probably bump the rating up to 3/5, but I'm giving it a 2/5 for its current state.

FreeEconHelp responds:

Thanks for the review, those do sound like annoying problems I missed while play testing. I will give it a look and see how I can fix them!

BonBombs BonBombs

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

The same concept has been done loads and this didn't really add much to it. Other games in this genre are usually colorful and have multiple types of bombs. This is dull, dark, and only has one type of bomb. Adding colors would definitely improve it.

I don't like the choice of in-game music. It feels really unsuitable for this type of game. It's just a few drum loops thrown together. It's boring. I think trance music, or something similar, would be a lot more suitable for this type of game.

One thing I liked about this that I haven't seen in other game like this is the fast forward button. Nobody wants to wait to watch the bombs slowly drift towards the explosion region. It definitely helps make the game feel less repetitive.

I found one glitch. If you go into the high score menu once you leave the menu it will unmute the in-game music.

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Seismoz responds:

Thanks for the Feedback.
(P.S.: no loops. i made the music myself ;_; )

Explode Explode

Rated 4 / 5 stars

It's an fun short little casual game that can easily be beaten in one sitting. If you go for the medals it makes it a bit challenging and fun for people that otherwise wouldn't enjoy a game like this.

The music is quite good and non-annoying. A lot of games have background music that is very noticeable and loud, but this is perfect.

The things I didn't like are fairly small. It was a bit annoying that if you wanted to reset the level you had to go back to the menu and select the level again. Pressing 'R' to restart would make messing up a lot less frustrating.

Level 8 is a lot more difficult than any of the other levels. I feel it should be level 10. All of the other levels are really easy to get the par on in comparison to it. I think the game would actually be quite a bit better if level 8 was removed entirely. The other levels are of a fairly consistent difficulty but it's a lot more difficult than them, it feels out of place.

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PencilMadness PencilMadness

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Nearly flawless, but could use a few new features.

I've always liked this game. I occasionally come to this flash submission and just draw random things for a few minutes. I like how small the file size is. It's fun for a few minutes at a time and you don't have to worry about an annoying loading time or anything, it loads instantly for even the slowest internet speeds.

I really like the brushes. I occasionally, while bored, mess around in either MS paint or this. One advantage this has over MS paint, for me, is that MS paint doesn't really have many good brushes. This game has a lot of awesome brushes with really nice effects, my favourite being the grungy-ish scribble brush.

A button to reset the size and opacity to the default would be great if it were added. If you mess around with the sliders it's annoying to try to get it back to the default size.

I'd really like more brushes. This has some really nice ones, but it doesn't have any basic ones. Such as a simple pencil that allows you to colour in one pixel at a time.

If you were to add in a pencil brush, one feature that I think is basically required when you do that is to add a zoom feature. The pencil effect is great for pixel art, and pixel art is really difficult if you can't zoom in really closely to the image.

The colour picker is terrible, in my opinion. You have to click randomize colour and hope that the colour you want comes up. Why not make a proper colour picker of every colour available?

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Tankmen: Battle 3 Tankmen: Battle 3

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

I enjoyed it, but there's way too many bugs.

First of all, I want to say, I've always loved your art style. I don't know what it is about it, but it looks fantastic, espcially when it comes to armor and weapons.

The music is quite nice, and very fitting into the type of game this is. But why is it so silent on the menu? There's absolutely no noise. The music completely stops playing.

While I do like the music, so much so I think it should be playing on every screen, this game needs a mute button. Honestly it really needs a mute button. Every game with any type of music needs a mute button, and this is no exception.

I ran into several bugs while playing. Personally I don't think you should have rushed it. It's pretty obvious it's rushed. Even if you don't read the description, where it basically says that you rushed it. There's way too many bugs. I think if you had waited just one more day you could have fixed all of the major, common, bugs.

The first glitch I noticed is in the armory. You have to press the button that says "Done" if you want to buy items. Maybe that's how it's actually suppose to be, but it'd be quite a lot better if it said "Shop" instead. It saying done rather than shop is sort of confusing.

After the first battle it showed an ad and then completely froze there. It goes away if you exit out of the game and start it again, though.

When you actually open the shop window, via pressing done, if you want to exit out of that to choose your class again you have to press back and then click on the armory again.

A few times random items randomly went back to the default version. I bought a helmet and then my swords, light sabers, went back to the default item even though the helmet and chest piece I was wearing stayed the same. It happened at least twice and I know for sure I didn't click the default sword.

Every time I go to the screen on the menu that you use to access the battles it says I've leveled up, even when I haven't. I think this may be caused because I leveled up twice without using my stat points, which doesn't cause your points to stack, sadly... so you just lose that levels experience points.

One thing I've always disliked about this series is that there's no reason to buy any of the new armor or weapons. Every thing seems to do the exact same damage at all times. I'd much rather have it so that some armor gives you better defense and some weapons do more damage.

For some reason after a while you can only put one point into power at a time. I thought, at first, it was because it limited you to that once you got to the yellow area but once I got to the same area in durability I could still put any amount of points into it at once that I wanted.

This game is excellent. It's fun, has great music and art... Based on those things I'd rate this game a 10, but because of all of the bugs I'm bringing my score down to a 7.

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Memoir: Text Adventure Memoir: Text Adventure

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Great music, fun, lots of choices.

The first thing I noticed while playing is that the music choice is fantastic. It's all very fitting to the environment that you are in.

There's quite a lot of choices, and you're sort of forced into a different choice each time you play through the game based on what the roll determines your strength, attractiveness, intelligence, etc to be, which I honestly quite like. If you weren't forced into the choices I'd probably play the game the same way each time and it'd be quite boring.

The backgrounds are annoying. Not only is the fact that it's constantly changing is annoying, but some of the backgrounds make the text difficult to read. It's good that there is at least a button to toggle the slideshow, but I think that regardless of that option the background images should look better.

I feel like your attractiveness comes out as ugly way too often. My first 3 characters were chosen as ugly. Maybe I was just unlucky though.

It would be nice if the outcome of what some buttons did changed randomly. For example: When if your friends have condoms it would be cool if whether or not they said yes or no changed randomly.

Additional comments:
I can't wait until you've added the medals to the game. Hopefully you'll release them fairly soon. Once you do I'll play this a few more times to get all of the medals. I'm also looking forward to the 2nd game.

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