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I like it, but there's too much motion blur.

Is this your first flash submission ever? If is, it's really good for it being your first flash submission. The animation is fantastic. The loop is perfect, after a while I couldn't tell when the loop began and when it ended.

I think this could be a really cool flash series. A girl that is a badass fighting random people attacking her, sort of like the madness series I guess.

You use WAY too much motion blur. Every movement she makes is blurred, and in my opinion that looks bad. I think you should cut down on it quite a bit.. you can still use it, but use it less. Like when she quickly moves the knife.

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It's pretty good for your first animation, the shooting effects, zooming, etc were great for it being your first flash submission to NewGrounds.

It's very short, and misleads you into watching it over again expecting to have "Rule 2", but it's only a single loop. I recommend you add a replay button as the music also starting overlapping over it's self, and this could probably easily be avoided with a replay button.

It's not drawn very well. Lines are unfinished, some lines are bigger than others, etc. It looks bad and isn't done very well. I recommend you make the lines look a bit better. The gun is also really low quality, I recommend you redo it so that the quality isn't so low.

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boypisces responds:

Thanks, and to be honest I agree with everything you've said, I definitely should have put a replay button at the end because only after uploading the video did I see that the video starts over and over and the music overlaps, I assumed like on youtube the video would end when it was supposed to and not loop, and as for it only being one animation this video was supposed to be a preview for a video I've yet to create. I'm planning on doing at least 15 rules, the lines not being finished was an accident and the gun turned out crappy because I can't draw guns so I copy and pasted one of the internet which looked fine to begin with, but when I put it on the flash it came out all pixelated >.<. I am going to remove this one once I'm finished with the main video. Thanks for your constructive criticism mate.

Review #2

Thanks for making this Domo. Sorry it took me so long too review it. Anyways, it's really awesome for you too have done this, Man. although I wish you would have credited me.. Thanks too thenewbies, too.

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Domo-2 responds:

thenewbies did most of the work for making the B and kewl :3 thing. I made Jolly.

And I double credited you!

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I absolutely hate the confused Travolta meme and don't understand the appeal of it at all. Most of the time when there's a new meme that explodes in popularity I can usually at least somewhat understand the appeal of it at first and understand why some people might find it funny, but not when the confused Travolta meme at all.

With that said, this is a good twist on what I find to be a super annoying and unfunny meme. It actually makes it bearable, if only because it doesn't at all rely on the usual 'humor' behind the meme. (I find reaction gifs in general pretty annoying)

I think the controls can be a little bit weird at times. It seems like on the first level that the smaller items require more clicks than the larger items to get when it seems like it'd be the opposite. Maybe it's my own fault, maybe I'm not clicking on it properly, but it definitely seemed to be that way.

My only real complaint is that the level of difficulty is weird. The first level seems to be the 2nd hardest, the second level is by far the easiest, the third level is the hardest, and level four is super easy. Level five is obviously not meant to have any difficult so I'm not counting that.

It's a decently fun twist on something that I'd otherwise find fairly annoying and would try to avoid. I enjoyed the few minutes that it took to beat and I got a decent amount of medal points while doing it, which is always a plus.

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Not a bad game.

The game has a pretty interesting environment. The music and art style adds to that quite nicely.

The difficult level seems pretty good, although it can be a little bit frustrating because it some times seems like there's almost no way to win without upgrading due to the fact that you're too slow to move before you hit an obstacle.

The library is a really nice touch. It's completely unnecessary, which makes it even better.

Overall it's not bad. My only complaint is that it does get a bit boring, and rather quickly. Besides that it's a decently made game. The art, music, etc isn't bad at all.

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A very mediocre game.

It reminds me of quite a few games, most of which have a bit more variety than this. Doodle Jump, for instance, has power ups which greatly increases the fun of the game.

The art could be better. The art style is fine, albeit a tad boring. But the "enemies" are just floating hexagons. I initially didn't think they were enemies but instead a type of collectible coin, as these type of games often have.

The thing that annoyed me the most is that after every time I lost it went back to the pre-loader. It really breaks the flow of the game. It may not seem like much but in a game where you're losing quite frequently having to click twice (first the play button, then the retry button) quickly becomes very annoying to do.

The leaderboard seems to be glitched as well. It lists my highscore as 15,242, when the highest I got was around 1,200~, right after the floating hexagons turned purple. Considering that, the leaderboard is basically pointless. I'm assuming that it *usually* reports the correct score, but occasionally it's completely wrong.

In its current form it leaves a lot to be desired. It's buggy and quite boring. It's a fairly simple game concept with not much to it to make it interesting or enjoyable to play. If what I listed were added/fixed then it'd make it slightly better, but honestly not all that much. I think it'd need a complete overhaul for it to warrant anything above a 3.5/5. Maybe with more context about the game (e.g. you're new to programming and it's a programming project) I'd be willing to give it a higher score but without it my score is 2.5/5. It's quite mediocre.

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Enjoyable at first, but repetitive after a while.

I'm surprised this has only been used in one flash submission so far. Hopefully in the future it will be used more, because it's a great song.

I think it should be a bit shorter, though. I mean, it gets really repetitive after a while. Other than that, it' quite a nice song, but it's basically the same thing over and over again after a while. It'd be okay as quiet background music, though.


I really enjoyed not only this song, but both of the games it's been featured in. I'm quite a big fan of all things renaissance. I agree with what others have said, it does sound quite like the music in Runescape, and some of the music in RuneScape is really high quality.

I think the background given in the description makes this song even better. You give tons of background, including a location, a time zone, and everything. Environment can make a good song great.

I've listened to this song dozens of times, and I doubt I'll ever get tired of listening to it. There's honestly nothing I dislike about it. It's in my top 3 favourite songs from Newgrounds.

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It's quite a nice song, in fact it's probably one of my favorite songs on the audio portal. Hard Style is defiantly my favorite music genre, although it's rarely done well, but I think this song succeeds in doing so.

I like how it quickly starts up and gets into the song, there's barely any waiting point to get into the good part, and honestly without the small waiting point I don't think it would have been as good as it is.

About 30 seconds into it, it gets a bit repetitive. There's barely any change for the next 20 seconds into the song, I honestly think this song should end just a bit earlier than it did.

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You make the most high quality artwork than anybody in the Portal. I love all of your work. It's purely amazing. I love everything about this. And I do mean everything. INCLUDING your signature. You defiantly deserve to be a professional artist, if you're not already.

My favorite part of this is the face. You did amazing on it. Most people have one thing I don't like when it comes to the face, but you don't. The nose, eyes, and mouth looks absolutely amazing. The hair is perfect as well. I think you did absolutely perfect on everything on her head.

The clothes look amazing as well. They have so much details. I love it. The clothes are perfect as well.

I think the environment is the best of all. Everything from the leafs on the tree to the grass on the ground looks absolutely amazing. They have so much details. Everything in this piece of art is absolutely perfect. This is by far, in my honest opinion, the best piece of art on NewGrounds.

I don't really have any cons for this. It's amazing. But, if I had to pick one thing, and it's a very small thing which defiantly will not bring down my rating, it's the little white in the bottom right corner.

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It's very well drawn, and I like pretty much everything about it. The shading is fairly good, as is the art overall.

I don't really like the way the neck looks. It looks pretty odd. They eyebrows look odd as well, I don't like how they point up how they do. It doesn't look like you put very much effort into the background either.

It's good. You could defiantly improve in some areas, but otherwise it's good.


-Great drawing
-Great Shading

-Kind of bland, colorwise.

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