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knife training knife training

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I like it, but there's too much motion blur.

Is this your first flash submission ever? If is, it's really good for it being your first flash submission. The animation is fantastic. The loop is perfect, after a while I couldn't tell when the loop began and when it ended.

I think this could be a really cool flash series. A girl that is a badass fighting random people attacking her, sort of like the madness series I guess.

You use WAY too much motion blur. Every movement she makes is blurred, and in my opinion that looks bad. I think you should cut down on it quite a bit.. you can still use it, but use it less. Like when she quickly moves the knife.

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Madness Deaths: Lesson 1 Madness Deaths: Lesson 1

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


It's pretty good for your first animation, the shooting effects, zooming, etc were great for it being your first flash submission to NewGrounds.

It's very short, and misleads you into watching it over again expecting to have "Rule 2", but it's only a single loop. I recommend you add a replay button as the music also starting overlapping over it's self, and this could probably easily be avoided with a replay button.

It's not drawn very well. Lines are unfinished, some lines are bigger than others, etc. It looks bad and isn't done very well. I recommend you make the lines look a bit better. The gun is also really low quality, I recommend you redo it so that the quality isn't so low.

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boypisces responds:

Thanks, and to be honest I agree with everything you've said, I definitely should have put a replay button at the end because only after uploading the video did I see that the video starts over and over and the music overlaps, I assumed like on youtube the video would end when it was supposed to and not loop, and as for it only being one animation this video was supposed to be a preview for a video I've yet to create. I'm planning on doing at least 15 rules, the lines not being finished was an accident and the gun turned out crappy because I can't draw guns so I copy and pasted one of the internet which looked fine to begin with, but when I put it on the flash it came out all pixelated >.<. I am going to remove this one once I'm finished with the main video. Thanks for your constructive criticism mate.

Jolly tribute Jolly tribute

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Review #2

Thanks for making this Domo. Sorry it took me so long too review it. Anyways, it's really awesome for you too have done this, Man. although I wish you would have credited me.. Thanks too thenewbies, too.

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Domo-2 responds:

thenewbies did most of the work for making the B and kewl :3 thing. I made Jolly.

And I double credited you!