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RayWilliamJohnson, FRED, Tobuscus, etc are geniuses.

2012-07-04 04:58:06 by Jolly

I would love to make tons of money by doing nothing more than calling random Youtube videos "Fake and gay", screaming and acting like a 6 y/o kid with ADHD, or incoherently rambling random things.

I mean really.. Ray William Johnson doesn't put that much effort into his videos.. HE DOESN'T EVEN EDIT THEM.. And according to Celebrity Networth he's worth $5 million. His videos may not be funny, but they apparently appeal to quite a lot of people and he's become a millionaire out of them. I'm jealous.


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2012-07-04 04:58:57

u dum


2012-07-04 05:02:31

Stupidity earns money. That's pretty much the bottom line duder

Jolly responds:

If only I got paid for being stupid.


2012-07-04 08:00:32

You just had to say that the moment these individuals were slipping from my mind. :P


2012-07-20 02:10:45

Kill yourself


2012-07-20 02:15:31

Can you please delete the comment I made. It wasn't right of me to do such a rude thing and I'm sorry. I don't want to get banned from the internet so can you please delete the comment.

Jolly responds:

No. I hope you get banned from the internet.